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Prior to purchase Makelsan Generators must have their own personnel or authorized service personnel in a specific location, where the warranty plans are there, and where they want to be there to remedy problems, where they want to be otherwise undesirable.

Conformity checks with the first-run software


As Makelsan Generator, we provide periodic maintenance services in order to ensure that our customers can use our products at maximum efficiency and have the minimum cost in the long term. Failure and maintenance during the warranty period It is important to remember that the product will be out of warranty for any intervention other than Makelsan Power Service authorized personnel. In order to prevent the problems and problems that may occur in connection with the periodical maintenance, the maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction is established by eliminating the problems. At the same time, 7/24 service is provided, maintenance time control is done by us and the necessary information is shared with our customers and follow-up of your generators, such as the control of missing work for you to follow the solution. The periodical maintenance is made with discounted prices for the maintenance of our customers. Our generators with periodic maintenance will be more efficient and long lasting.


Genuine spare parts which are fully produced or imported with high material quality and fully meet the specifications of the generator set will extend the life of your generator. To keep your generator running for a long time and get high performance, you can always choose original spare parts so that you can protect your generator with safe quality materials.

Imitation spare parts may be cheaper than their originals, but they are not compatible with the generator, so they are not compatible with your generator and they create a serious danger and costly problems during use. Spare parts without the quality and reliability of imitation spare parts manufactured without going through quality tests and with low material quality can be dangerous.

All original spare parts requirements of your generator set can be obtained from Makelsan Generator Headquarters and Authorized Service Centers.